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S.T.A. (Single Tooth Anesthesia)

Numerous individuals avoid going to the doctor or dentist as they fear needles. Oral health is of great importance, however, and there is a new option for individuals in this situation when visiting their dental practitioner. The STA, or single tooth anesthesia system, helps to reduce this fear. Often referred to as The Wand, this dental injection is controlled by a computer, which allows a slow and steady flow rate that is more comfortable for the patient. What many individuals fail to realize is the sting they feel when they are injected with an anesthetic has nothing to do with the needle. It is actually the result of the anesthetic being fired too rapidly. With STA, there is no risk of human error, allowing the patient to feel more comfortable during the process.

The STA System

Individuals often express surprise when they first see the STA system. The first thing that is noticed is the wand doesn’t look like the typical needle. In fact, it looks more like a pen than a syringe, and the needle is much smaller than the traditional one used. This wand is attached to a device that appears in many ways like a mini computer tower, and the person handling the injection uses a foot pedal to control the injection. The computer controls every other part of the process, including alerting the user to whether or not they are holding the device correctly.

Safety improves when this option is selected. Thanks to the single-use tube, cartridge holder, and wand hand piece, there’s no concern of germs being spread between patients. The new version of this device comes with colorful buttons and offers two modes. Using the first mode, the dentist can increase the speed of the injection once the numbing process has begun, while the second mode offers audible cues to let the dentist be certain the needle has been placed correctly. A different needle is used when this mode is chosen, and a visual gauge is included here. Furthermore, the device communicates with the dentist audibly.

The Benefits Of The STA System

First and foremost, dentists prefer to use single tooth anesthesia as research has shown that it helps to decrease anxiety in patients more than other injection methods used today. Thanks to the ability of the machine to precisely control the pressure and flow rate of the injection, pain is reduced. This is of great importance in certain areas, such as the palate of the mouth, where tissue elasticity is lower and injections lead to increased pain.

Certain injection techniques tend to be more difficult when using a traditional needle, yet this isn’t the case when the single tooth anesthesia system is used. These techniques are more effective and comfortable. Furthermore, the user finds the device easy to handle and very lightweight. The device may be rotated, and this allows the user to glide the needle into the desired location with ease.

Dental work takes less time when this option is selected. Moreover, the numbing takes less time, and patients return to their day without the fear of collateral numbing. The medication is injected right the first time, so patients don’t have to worry that multiple shots will be needed to get the pain block they need.

Dental phobia is a serious issue, as it is estimated that 30 to 40 million Americans avoid the dentist due to their fear. Dental health is of great importance to a person’s overall health, and the STA system allows those who truly fear time spent in the dental chair an option to obtain the care they need. As a failure to get regular dental care is linked to early tooth loss and a greater risk of gum disease, the STA system is critical to ensuring people get treatment in a timely manner.

Patient Feedback

Patients love the STA system because they feel less pain. In fact, some state they no longer have a fear of needles thanks to this device. Some even find that the system works better than regular injections because the area being treated is numbed more, and some state they no longer need IV sedation thanks to this device. Fear of the dentist is reduced when this option is offered, yet many Washington DC dentists fail to offer this type of injection. Thanks to the benefits of the STA system, however, many individuals state they won’t go to any dentist that doesn’t provide access to single tooth anesthesia.

If you wish to know more about the single tooth anesthetic system and other advanced dental technologies we offer our patients, contact our office. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and address any concerns you have. Our goal is to ensure our comfort at all times¬†while providing the highest level of care. This system is only one way we may do so, with sedation dentistry being another. When you come in for your visit, we’ll show you how it works and how it will be of benefit to you. All you need to do is ask.